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About Me

Artist Bio

I am a self-taught visual artist based in New York City.

Having painted since early childhood, I have always been drawn to experimenting with colors and studying how each color has the ability to express emotion. Throughout my youth, I took numerous art classes outside of my formal education, during which I learned color theory and various painting techniques.

Through my unique abstract style, I use my visual language to marry the self to the universe. I enjoy exploring every facet of the human experience, from birth, to death, and to the ties between our world and the ethereal realms.

I view art as a vessel that allows us to confront ourselves, examine our beliefs, and shed light on what is truly important to us. Art is a means of communication with others as well as with ourselves.

My work is best described as vibrant, whimsical, and esoteric. Each piece is filled with intricate, dynamic movement and nuanced, multifaceted meaning that is ever-changing. My works are generally abstract and show multiple viewpoints of dynamic.

While I share a story of what inspired each piece and what it means to me, I ultimately leave it up to the viewer to connect with the work and extract their own meaning.

I primarily work with acrylic on canvas and murals, but also enjoy experimenting with unconventional mixed media such as holographic glitter and color-shifting pigments.

Artist Statement

My work focuses on examining life experiences from unseen points of view.

While humans are often the primary subjects of my work, through abstraction, I depict them as energetic beings, rather than in realism.

My compositions are deliberate and seek to expose the complex webs of the raw energy, emotions, and relational under currents beyond what initially meets the eye.

Through soft and fluid movement, I invite the viewer on a journey through the multitude of undulating lines that carefully compose each subject. Each line holds a memory of a timeline, which combined together are what make up the subject. When multiple subjects come together, they bring not only what is in the present but also what has been and what will be. Through these timelines, I navigate the eye beyond the edges of the canvas and into the depths of the viewer’s soul.

The colors are placed intentionally to connect the emotions and the interpersonal dynamics of the figures. While the warm and cool complementary colors may blend together to create a sense of harmony, the black negative space emphasizes simultaneously the solitude and oneness of the figures.

My work has an immediate visceral impact on the viewer and provokes deeper thought into their own life experiences. While I create a specific meaning for each piece, I leave it up to the viewer to extract their own meaning.



    • Private commission for collector, St. Petersburg, FL 2022
    • Private commission for collector, Edgewater, NJ 2022
    • Private commission for collector, Boca Raton, FL 2021
    • Private commission for designer bag customization, New York, NY 2021
    • Private commission for medical offices, Delray Beach, FL 2020
    • Private commissions for residential interior design murals, New York, NY 2017
    • Private commission for residential garage mural, Boynton Beach, FL 2016
    • Private commission for residential nursery mural, Boca Raton, FL